The Therapy Process

The Therapy Process for Counselling & Hypnotherapy

The Therapy Process is based on three key elements, they are:
Respect, Rapport and Recovery.


From the moment you enter my premises you will be treated in a respectful and courteous manner.

–  You are an important person.
–  Your concerns are important.


Good rapport is essential to bring about a successful outcome.

I will help you to feel at ease and able to talk freely about what is troubling you and I will make my assessment as to the most suitable intervention to help you.
At the initial consultation I will cover three basic stages:

  1. Explore and clarify the troubling issue/s to gain a thorough understanding of how these are affecting you and
    impacting on your Quality of Life.
  2. Give feedback wherever possible.
  3. Discuss with you a suitable therapy programme.

Sometimes presenting issues may lead on to other issues that a person may not have been fully aware of. Relationship conflict is a good example as some people are not always aware of why they are reacting to a situation with such intolerance or anger, or why their relationship generally is not as happy and fulfilling as it once was. In such cases gently “peeling back the layers” of discontent can reveal the underlying problems – which can then be thoroughly addressed.

Clinical Hypnotherapy has become very popular in recent years and many people have benefitted from this approach. However, there are many misconceptions about Hypnotherapy as many people form their opinion from seeing stage hypnosis. Please be assured that Clinical Hypnotherapy is very different.
For more information on Clinical Hypnotherapy please click on Hypnosis – Hypnotherapy FAQ which answers many common questions.

As I am a also a Personal, Relationship and Family Counsellor you do have a choice as to your preferred treatment option and I would be happy to proceed from a Counselling approach, or a Clinical Hypnotherapy approach, or even a combination of both of these.


Once the initial assessment has been completed and discussed, your personal therapeutic intervention process will be implemented.

Wherever possible, your involvement in this process between sessions will aid recovery in a quicker time frame and achieve the best possible outcome.
I will explain everything to you thoroughly.

Whilst some structure is useful we need to also be aware of being flexible and modify the intervention process as and when required therefore your feedback at the beginning of each session will be helpful in tailoring therapy to your personal needs.

Help and Support

Whether you are recovering from a difficult Life situation or pursuing general changes to enrich your life, I will help and support you throughout the intervention process. As you proceed through therapy the therapeutic goal is to help you feel lighter, brighter and motivated to look forward to the future with optimism that you can achieve a happier, more satisfying Life.

Call me today and take the first step…. to open the door to a better tomorrow.

I am a Qualified and Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist and Specialist Counsellor
  for Personal, Relationship and Family Counselling

If I am with a client at the time of your call, please leave your name and telephone no. and I will return your call and speak with you personally just as soon as I can – usually within the hour.