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Many people start smoking early in life, usually as a young teenager, but at this age the dangers of smoking tobacco is not something that we think about nor are we aware of the dangers of second hand smoke from others who are smoking. It’s more important to feel ‘part of the crowd’ or smoke cigarettes to ‘feel grown up’ or feel similar to a character in a movie or be like a favourite pop star.

The dangers of smoking is now filtering through to the general population but people often need more information and support to help them quit smoking.  Understanding the myths about smoking cigarettes is a good starting point.  Hypnosis has helped many people to Quit smoking –  hypnosis can help you too.  Inquire Now for help to Quit Smoking and safeguard your health against the effects of the cigarette. Call Me on 9300 6026 and reserve your Quit Smoking Session.

Myths of Smoking Cigarettes

Contrary to the widely held belief that ‘smoking relaxes me’, it actually does the opposite and your heart can beat up to 9 beats per minute more by smoking, this puts extra strain on your heart.
The urge to smoke is no more that the body’s pathetic cry for a substance that you once  ‘tricked’ your mind into accepting.

The urge to smoke is triggered by the internal discomfort caused by the body’s signalling of a reduced level of chemicals and our innate desire to bring comfort back into our system (just as we do when we listen to the signal to eat, drink, sleep, cool down or put warm clothing on). So if another cigarette satisfies the craving and diminishes the discomfort (usually restlessness, anxiety, irritability etc) then the illusion that smoking a cigarette promotes relaxation is created.

The advertising giants have done a good job over the years into conning people into thinking that smoking is a cure all for a relaxed mind and body – now you know the truth.
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Nicotine – Smoking Addiction

Basically the nicotine in a cigarette is directly infused into the brain, when a person smokes. This helps the smoker have some relief from tension. The problem is that the anxiety sets back in with greater intensity after several tension-free minutes and demands for more doses of stress-relievers i.e. nicotine.

In this way the smoking addiction starts. People who smoke as a way to release tension are already addicted to smoking. They slowly increase the number of cigarettes. This shows the person’s dependency on the cigarette already. This can be traced to where the smoking addiction starts.

Addiction is the state of being dependent on a particular substance or activity.
The urge to smoke a cigarette  could either be psychological or physical, but whatever it is, addiction insinuates a neurotic or persistent urge to repeat everything that caused the person’s dependency on that particular substance or activity.

Nicotine – a Powerful Stimulant

 Nicotine is regarded as one of the toughest stimulants ever identified. Nicotine dependency is the most common form of drug addiction and causes more deaths and disease than all other addictions combined. And when it comes to smoking addiction, cigarette smoking is the one most likely to take hold during adolescence. So with all those people smoking, there have to be other “reasons” beyond it being a coping mechanism.

And there are – particularly if you ask young women. Some start smoking because it is still considered cool in certain circles. Peer pressure is really powerful, and if the popular crowd says, “light up and join us,” that can be hard to resist.

For girls who start smoking during puberty it seems to help with hormonal changes that cause mood fluctuations*. Nicotine works like other drugs when it comes to anger, depression and mood swings. It goes to the pleasure centre of the brain and says, “Chill out!”

Smoking and Health

An article in the European Journal of Endocrinology (2005) entitled ‘Smoking and Hormones in Health and Endocrine disorders’ explains Smoking has multiple effects on hormone secretion, some of which are associated with important clinical implications.

Smoking affects pituitary, thyroid, adrenal, testicular and ovarian function, calcium metabolism and the action of insulin.  In other words:  Your Health Is At Risk!

The tobacco companies have known for years that smoking is dangerous to health and were very clever in their marketing campaigns to lure people into smoking.  In a nutshell while you line your lungs with the tar from tobacco smoke, they line their pockets with your money.  Is that fair!

Hypnotherapy is a safe, natural  and effective way to help you to Quit Smoking simply by helping you to use the power of your own mind.

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