Parent/Teen Conflict

Counselling Can Help With Family Conflict

The Challenges of  Being a Parent – Counselling Can Help

Parenting Teenagers can be difficult. Would you like to feel calm, confident and in control of your emotions when faced with difficult situations? Personal, Relationship or Family Counselling can help you.  Contact Me today for help.

Parenting Teenagers in the 21st Century

Parenting in the 21st Century is very different to previous generations. Parents have different pressures and teenagers different attitudes, based on different experiences. Step-parenting, drugs, sex and sexuality, and sole-parenting are just a few of the reminders of how different social and family life is today.

Parenting with love and limits is a challenge that many parents feel uncomfortable with.

Disrespect, in all its variances, is a common complaint by parents, alongside swearing, fighting with siblings, laziness in the home, disregarding basic house rules, breaking curfew…the list is endless.

Parent|Teen Conflict Can Cause Arguments Between Couples And Family Stress

Unfortunately, the stress associated with parenting can undermine the relationship between the parents themselves and too often bickering escalates into couple warfare, especially if different parenting styles are being exploited by their son or daughter.  Family life suffers.

Salvaging what was once happy family life and helping parents to find the love and connection in their own relationship is achievable.
What many parents are looking for, and indeed need, is a step-by-step ‘road map’ of how to parent their teenager when their son or daughter is demonstrating attitude and behaviours which are outside their own parental values. Personal, Relationship or Family Counselling Can Help Parents Feel Calm and Confident in Difficult Situations.  Inquire now for help with parent | teen problems

The Teenage Brain Is Big On Impulse And Small On Long-term Consequences.

Their frontal lobe is still developing ’cause and effect’ reasoning. Most teens do not recognise their own mortality and feel that if something makes sense for the next couple of weeks, that is all the thinking needed. This is why caring adults need to set limits for them.

The Adolescent Phase

Teenagers are caught between childhood and adulthood as their maturing bodies take on adult characteristics but the adolescent phase is a period of psychological and social transition between childhood and adulthood. This transition involves biological, social, and psychological changes, though the biological ones are the easiest to measure objectively. Each child is a unique human being and may believe that what they are doing makes sense, but it is also important that adults who wish to influence them are aware of the way their son/daughter’s brain is functioning and be able to listen carefully to what is being said.

Avoid Parent|Teen Conflict – Develop Your Personal ‘Tools of Trade’ as a Parent

Parenting teenagers is a difficult job and counselling can help you develop your personal ‘tools of trade’ and avoid many common parent|teen conflict areas.  You will feel much more confident that you can parent with love and limits.  Call me today and take the first step…. to open the door to a better tomorrow

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