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Are You Struggling to Cope with Parenting Your Children?
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Parenting children in the 21st century is very different from that of our own parents and grandparents.
Today there are so many distractions of the electronic kind: computers, mobile phones and many forms of electronic whiz bang games and, of course, the tv and dvd player.  At night time, separating your young child or teenager away from modern day gadgetry is a skill in itself as in their minds -bed is boring!  But an absolute necessity.  Tired, cranky children and teenagers make life in the home very difficult to cope with!

For too many parents, conflict within the home is an everyday occurrence and many ‘battle weary’ parents are ‘buckling at the knees’.

Today’s children can pose many problems and issues for their parents. A parent needs all the personal skills they can muster, plus have their ’emotional armour’ in place at any given moment to withstand the moans, groans and ‘everybody else can…’  whinges from their offspring.

Dawdling is a common complaint by parents no matter what age the child is and can cause so much frustration for the exasperated parent; family life can become a battleground at times.

Critical times of the day for a parent is generally between 6.30am and 9am in the morning and between 3pm and 7.30pm in the afternoon and early evening.

If your son or daughter dawdles eating breakfast, cleaning teeth, getting ready for school, you are not alone, many parents could relate to you. Homework is another issue that can cause conflict between parent and child. And of course, getting your son or daughter into bed at night can be so much of a challenge for some parents that their own ‘down time’ to relax and enjoy the evening is ‘eaten’ away.

Parenting Teenagers

Another common parenting issue is parenting teenagers and this needs an additional set of skills. Parenting teenagers is not easy – it takes creativity, determination, and patience! It’s a tough phase to go through, but again, you are not alone.  Please go to my page on Parent/Teen Conflict for more information on parenting teenagers.

Relationship Problems

Conflict with children can spill over into conflict between the parents. How has your own relationship withstood the difficulties of parenting?
Have you lost the joy of your relationship?
How much Couple Time do you have now?
Many parents are ‘Time Poor” when they have children so quality of time together whenever an opportunity presents itself is important for the survival of the relationship.

Whether you prefer Counselling or Hypnotherapy (I am qualified in both) I can help you cope with the stress and strain of parenting and also help with any relationship problems.

If you are struggling with your child/children – from toddler to teenager to adult
I can help you navigate your way through the difficult times.

I have 23 years experience as a Personal, Relationship and Family Therapist.
I am also a Qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist