Pain Management

A Pain Managemet Programme Can Help You Cope With Your Chronic Pain

Is Pain Ruining Your Life?

Are you struggling to sleep?
Do you feel stressed, anxious?
Are you feeling depressed?

Are You Caught in the Chronic Pain Trap?

Life needn’t be like this.  A Personal Pain Management Programme Can Help You.  Pain is generally classified as “acute’ or ‘chronic’.|

Acute pain is usually:

  • Tied to a source (e.g. broken leg, appendicitis, etc)
  • A warning signal that something is wrong, therefore serves a purpose
  • Responsive to medical treatment
  • Connected to a known time frame for the healing process

Chronic Pain Generally:

  • Has persisted for more than 6 months
  • Occurs frequently or continually
  • Sometimes defies attempts to identify the reason for the pain therefore does not appear to serve any useful purpose
  • Cannot be confined to a specific time frame i.e. it just lingers on ….and on ….and on ….

Chronic Pain Can Lead to Depressed Mood

Too often activities which were once enjoyed are given up, e.g. sport, hobbies, socialising with friends and family.  Employment may need to be terminated (or the person is sacked).
For some, household tasks may be difficult, for others, even sitting, standing, or walking is painful. Those that experience difficulties with personal grooming and toileting often suffer a loss of dignity. Frustration can often lead to anger and many people suffer from a depressed outlook on life.A person may see themselves as a ‘victim’, feeling helpless to change anything and believing that they face a hopeless situation.

Stress and Anxiety Symptoms are Common

Lack of Sleep Can Contribute to Conflict between Couples. Some people feel worthless and useless and withdraw into themselves as they grieve for their lost Quality of Life. Awareness of your psychological and emotional reaction to pain is a crucial step forward in learning how to manage pain and improve your Quality of Life.

Pain is controlled by mechanisms within the brain. Pain receptors in the body transmit their messages to the brain by way of nerve fibres. The brain interprets the information received as to the kind of pain i.e. throbbing, stinging, burning, etc., and the intensity of the pain signals.It is possible to intercept these pain messages by pain management techniques and to make lifestyle changes which can decrease the level of pain experienced

Personalised Pain Management Programme

Helping you have some control over your unpleasant pain sensations and live a happier life are the ultimate goals. Whether you choose Counselling alone (based on relevant psychological principles), or combine Counselling with Hypnotherapy, the focus will be an improving your Quality of Life.   Important aspects to cover are current lifestyle, mood state, sleep difficulties, grief associated with the many losses that you may have occurred, the impact on your ability to maintain work or undertake household chores, how your social life and friendships with others has been affected, and of course, your personal relationships with your partner and/or child.  Pain affects every cornerstone of life.

Your  Pain Management Programme will be personalised to your specific needs and may include personal therapy alone, or with options of relationship counselling as many relationships come under immense stress when one person is in pain.
A thorough medical assessment is essential to establish the cause of your pain and discomfort.

Living with pain is difficult but much can be done to help ease your pain and help you live a happier life.
Call me today and take the first step…. to open the door to a better tomorrow.

I am a Qualified and Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist and Specialist Counsellor (psychology background)