Anger Management

Anger Can Lead To Domestic Violence Seek Help Now

Anger Is One Letter Short of Danger!
Uncontrolled Anger Can Wreck Relationships
When Anger Is Out Of Control Violence Can Occur
Personal Injury Can Be Serious

How Do You Deal With Your Anger?

  • Do you yell at your children?
  • Do you yell at your partner | husband | wife or people at work?
  • Do you slam, punch or kick doors?
  • Do you throw things (throwing a mobile phone is very common)?
  • Have you hurt anyone (physically) when you have been angry?

Stay Calm and in Control of Your Anger and Avoid Angry Outbursts

You can choose Counselling or Hypnotherapy to help you manage stressful or difficult situations.
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What Causes You To Become Angry?

Anger is an emotional response that we can experience when trying to cope with such things as:

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Common everyday events can trigger an angry response, eg

  • How angry would you become if someone ‘jumped the queue’ at the cinema, compared with someone stealing something from you.
  • If you were hurt accidentally, would you feel the same depth of anger to if you thought you had been hurt purposely?
  • If someone bumps you in a stuffy, overcrowded train, would you respond more or less angrily than if someone bumped into you at a lively, noisy party.
  • A family member teases you about your changed hairstyle, later a friend also teases you – would your level of anger be the same?
  • Another car cuts in front of you on the road – how would you react?

Take Back Control of Your Anger and Avoid Angry Outbursts