Habits and Addictions – What Price is Health?

Stop the Rise from Habit to Addiction

Habits can soon develop into addiction. If you are struggling to say NO to the cravings, it’s time to seek help now.

Good health cannot be guaranteed when a habit | addiction such as smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, eating ‘junk’ food or overeating generally are part of everyday life. Serious life threatening health problems can develop.

Food Can Become Addictive

Knowing that we can become addicted to certain foods is difficult for many people to accept – but it’s true.

Compulsive Shopping

Compulsive Shopping is often referred to as ‘Retail Therapy’ but is it ‘therapy’ when financial stress and a ruined relationship can often be the end result? The pressure on a relationship is huge and a once loving partnership can soon become shattered into fragments of anger and hostility. Escalating stress and anxiety between a couple can cause day to day conflict with arguments, yelling and no resolution to the problem. When someone falls into the trap of ‘Retail Therapy’ their shopping habit could be clothes, jewellery, household goods, anything at all, but this creates a lifestyle that is difficult for people to change without help. If you are a Compulsive Shopper – seek help now and contact me today.

Health Matters

Preventing many health problems can be easier than you think.  Whether you smoke, drink, overeat, or fill up on easy convenience food we call ‘junk food’, with my help you can change your life for the better! I will develop a personal treatment approach for you to help you make the changes that you want to make.  Would you like to experience Hypnotherapy and learn how you can use the power of your own mind to make the changes?  Hypnotherapy is also extremely effective in helping a person take back control over their Compulsive Shopping habit.

Lifestyle Coping Styles

So many people struggle to cope with day to day life and rely on smoking, drinking, abusing food, or  ‘retail therapy’ to deal with those times when the stress is too much, or they are worried about something. Their relationships come under stress, parenting becomes more difficult and concentrating at work is a struggle.  It is so important to stay as healthy as you can, so preserving your health now, can help to avoid many lifestyle health problems in the future.

Now is the time to take that vital first step…. to open the door to a better tomorrow.

Now is the time to take that vital first step…. to open the door to a better tomorrow.

You Can Change Your Life For The Better
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