Business Burnout

Why You May Be Feeling Burnt Out?

How You Can Safeguard Your Health

Business Burnout is a very serious health problem and recognising the symptoms that you are on the path to Burnout is critical.  Burnout can apply to both paid and non paid work responsibilities.

Whether you are in paid employment or a stay-at-home mum/dad managing home duties, raising children, or perhaps caring for an ageing parent or family member who has special needs, excessive and prolonged stress related to the demands of your responsibilities can leave you feeling overwhelmed and emotionally drained to the point of exhaustion.

Your general health can suffer from lack of sleep, poor eating habits, feeling helpless and trapped in your everyday life. Your paid job could be at risk and your relationships suffer from your lack of energy and tolerance.

Recognising the ‘signposts’ that tell you that you are on the path to Burnout is critical to safeguarding both your mental and physical health and wellbeing.

Learn how to ‘Take the Path to Wellness’.
Feel Happier. Feel Free. Enjoy Life Again.

Business Burnout Checklist:

Do you have difficulty ‘switching off work’ when you get home?
Do you worry about what you have to do the next day?

Are you working longer and longer hours to keep up with the workload?

Are you losing your confidence to be able to cope with ‘everything’?

Are you ‘eating on the run’, no time to sit and have a meal?
Do you skip meals or simply forget to eat?

Are you struggling to sleep, feel uptight, worried about ‘everything’?

Is your personal, relationship or family life being neglected?

Have you lost interest in your job, home life and don’t care anymore?

The Solution

I will help you Take the Path to Wellness and avoid the serious health problems that Burnout can cause.  During our therapy sessions I will help you identify all the ‘signposts’ that may have contributed to you feeling so overloaded and overwhelmed with your day to day life and learn new ways of coping with your current difficulties.

Whether you are at the stage of high – extreme  levels of stress; too much pressure sapping your energy; or passed the point where you feel empty, lack motivation and slipping into the ‘I don’t care anymore’ state – call me for help.  I will help you back on to the Path of Wellness.

Your personalised therapy will help you find renewed energy and zest for life .