Relationship Rescue

Why your relationship isn't working

In many ways, building a long term relationship is similar to building a house, both need a solid foundation.  If the foundation is weak, cracks will soon appear and the weakened foundation will be unsafe as a support base.

Love and passion on their own are not strong enough as a foundation to build a long standing relationship; more ‘ingredients’ are needed to bind the relationship together and make it strong and resistant to the challenges that Life can hurl your way.

Divorce and separation statistics are rising to new levels and co-parenting is becoming the norm rather than the exception.  Sadly,children can be affected if there is bitterness between their parents.

Co-parenting has brought a new phrase into our language where I have heard children, whose parents have separated, referred to as ‘suitcase kids’ i.e. a child who is constantly packing and unpacking their clothes and school and sport items, staying a few nights with mum and a few nights with dad.

In other cases, children may not see one parent for weeks on end, if at all,which carries its own basket full of problems for the child.

The tension, bitterness, yelling, is there in all its forms, yet there is another way forward to help all members of the family with relationship counselling.

Recognising the symptoms early that your relationship is ‘going off track’ and heading for a ‘crash’ is the key.  Many years of unhappiness can be avoided by seeking professional help early.  The many years of bitter arguments, or the sulky, depressed withdrawal into yourself, are like knife wounds, they cut deep. There are no winners!  The scars remain.

Unfortunately the scars of one relationship can affect the long term happiness of the next relationship and the next…and the next.  Understanding why this is happening and how to stop this pattern of personal destruction is not easy to do on your own.  Relationship Counselling (sometimes known as Couples Counselling) can be helpful.

The Solution

Relationship Counselling

I can work with you from a Relationship Counselling (sometimes known as Couples Counselling) perspective which can be effective in helping you to understand how your relationship ‘went off track’ and how to avoid the same mistakes.

The experience you will gain from Relationship Counselling will help you to be able to communicate in a way that prevents the bitter arguments from developing and be able to resolve matters in a more constructive way.

Your decision may be to rebuild your relationship or, if you have already decided to separate, Relationship Counselling can be invaluable in helping you avoid the bitterness and resentment that often accompanies separation which can sabotage any future relationship with another partner.  Where there are children, learning co-parenting skills can be beneficial not only for yourselves as mum and dad but also for your children.