Weight loss

Why you can’t seem to lose your weight

The most frequently asked questions when it comes to weight loss is… Why?
Why do I always seem to keep putting on weight?
Why don’t the diets I try work?
Why can’t I seem to stick to healthy eating?
Why….. ?

Believe it or not weight loss is actually easy to achieve, what is the difficult part is understanding the ‘reasons’ behind why you are struggling to lose weight.

First Step to Weight Loss

The first step to losiing weight is to uncover the underlying reasons to your weight gain and create your personal weight loss goal.

If there are no medical reasons for you gaining weight your personal reasons could be related to your past experiences and how you internalised those experiences into your daily life.

Your personal experiences play a role in forming your belief system about yourself which can influence how you make decisions. A key factor is the deeper emotional impact of how your personal experiences in life have influenced how you think and feel about yourself. For many people, a traumatic experience without any guidance on how to deal with that particular negative experience can cause quite serious long lasting effects on them; they may see themselves in a negative light.

Quite often you are not consciously aware of what is motivating you to make your decision which may comply with your  belief system of who you are as a person.

As an example, one of your internal ‘programmes’ may be that you don’t believe you deserve to be happy. You may not consciously realise that this internal ‘programme’ is running, but it sits there in the background quietly running and when you make a decision in your life, an internal  ‘check in’ takes place. What this means is that your subconscious mind checks the decision you are making to find out whether your decision complies with your self-belief that you do not deserve to be happy.

Your internal ‘program’ asks the question:

‘does this decision comply with,
go against, or
is neutral to my belief in my self that I don’t deserve to be happy.

Naturally if the decision complies with your belief that you don’t deserve to be happy, or is neutral, then the decision is made BUT If the decision goes against your self-belief (that you don’t deserve to be happy) then this is where the internal conflict starts.

It is the internal conflict you have between your self-belief and the decision you want to make that causes you to act in ways that result in much of the self-sabotage in your life and which stops you from achieving what you want to achieve.

Self-sabotage is a result of conflict with self-belief. Self-belief is the result of past experiences and how you internalised them into your belief system.

In my experience as a Specialist Counsellor and Clinical Hypnotherapist the following list identifies some common experiences a person has faced which has contributed to them gaining weight and/or failing to lose weight.

How I Can Help You To Lose Weight

For you to truly achieve your Weight Loss Goal and maintain your Ideal Weight, we need to explore any past experiences, current difficulties and emotional impact they may have had on you that has resulted in the belief system you currently hold.  Helping my clients  to believe in themselves and adopt the ‘yes I can’ approach has been the hallmark of my success with my clients.

As a Professional Counsellor and Clinical Hypnotherapist Specialising in Weight Loss I will help you uncover the reasons behind your Weight Problem and help you rediscover yourself in a healthy, positive way.

I will help you ‘get into the trenches’ and guide you through the turmoil to help you better understand yourself and how to make the healthier changes to your dietary lifestyle quite naturally. My Lose Weight Hypnotherapy Programme is Safe, Natural, No Drugs and No Surgery.  Natural Weight Loss is achievable and you can learn how to establish a Healthier Weight Management approach to your everyday life.  It is through this process I can help you rescript your self-belief and become the person that you want to be. I will help you break free of the bonds that are holding you back so you can more forward and achieve the healthy weight you’ve always wanted.

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