The following are just a few samples of the written testimonials that I have received from my many clients.

Testimonial 1
During a very difficult time in my life, I have attended many healing counselling / hypnotherapy sessions with Mrs Elaine Walker.
It was one of the best decisions I have made, as Mrs Elaine Walker’s ‘relaxation techniques’ -(hypnotherapy) helped me to stay calm during difficulties and her counselling techniques further helped me to find my inner-strength again.

I highly recommend anyone needing a little (or a lot) of help in their life (including support and understanding), to take that deep breath and call Elaine – she will be your guiding light – to help you find your inner strength and happiness again.

Sarah, Heathridge (Client of Mrs Elaine Walker’s for ~5years *through the bad times and the good*)

Testimonial 2
I have a lot of willpower and can usually do well on diets when I put my mind to it but for over 2 years I was unable to motivate myself. I decided to give hypnotherapy a try and was so glad I did. Even though I didn’t go into a deep trance as I imagined I would, after my 1st visit it was like a magic button had been pressed. I no longer felt the need to overeat and was not tempted at all by cakes, biscuits and chocolate as I usually am. I found myself choosing the healthier options and enjoying them just as much. I didn’t feel deprived or as though I was missing out at all. Although I only went for weight loss it also made me feel more positive in general. I would highly recommend Elaine, she made me feel comfortable and relaxed and provides follow up support when needed without any pressure.

Kathryn, Ocean Reef

Testimonial 3
“Elaine is a very professional therapist. Her manner is extremely calming, making you feel welcome and positive. I felt most at ease while in our sessions, it felt more like talking to a best friend. Elaine helped me understand the areas I was struggling with and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her services”

Heidi, Marangaroo

Testimonial 4
Your professionalism, humane approach to some of my past painful problems, and your determination, which I quickly learned to match, remains with me to this day. Thank you so very much Elaine. As well as my personal growth, I am just as happy to say I still remain determined to keep kicking my butt (which will one day not be so gross!), and will rock up at your door looking rather ‘fetching!). You can rest assured my respect for all of your work is paramount……….Perth needs more Elaine’s!!

Another motto I can offer is “Elaine Walker – her strength and conviction can only be matched by your own!” What a role model for the women your sons’ have inevitably chosen for life partners. Privilege to have met you, Elaine Walker.

Edi, Heathridge

Testimonial 5
Hi Elaine, I’ve lost almost 10kg up to now and still going strong ,Thanks for all your help and advice , all the things we worked on are great to stay focused on my goals.
Thanks again.

Tony, Mindarie.

Testimonial 6
Been having hypnotherapy with Elaine for my anxiety. Elaine’s approach is very kind, compassionate , honest and professional . My anxiety has been tamed, and I am feeling confident , prepared to take on challenges. She has shown me my true path . I am really grateful I came to her . Elaine has Changed my life dramatically . I always leave my sessions with a big smile . I highly recommend Elaine for hypnotherapy as results and Elaine are amazing .

Kylie (Ellenbrook)