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Stress No More


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Product Description

Stress is not the curse of the 21st Century.

Mankind has lived with stress since the days of the caveman when it was a necessary defensive response to threats against our basic survival. In today’s world though we have substituted fighting or fleeing from wild animals, as our ancestors did, for ‘beasts’ of a different kind:

Work pressures


Financial worries

Separation or divorce

Frustration, loneliness, etc

These, and other daily hassles of

  • traffic jams, supermarket queues, etc., are known as stressors.

Feeling ‘stressed-out’ stems from a person’s exposure to stressors and their increasing tension as they try to cope with the demands and pressures upon them.
When faced with a situation which is perceived as a stressor, (what is stressful to one person is not necessarily stressful to another), the brain responds by sending out chemical messengers to arouse the body and prepare it for action.

Unlike our ancestors, we can’t physically fight or flee from society’s ‘beasts’ therefore, if the aroused energy has no outlet, tension will mount. Consequently, the person will experience increasing stress symptoms as the body’s chemistry changes i.e. stress related hormones are released and specific regions of the nervous system activated, stimulating the body and putting it on ‘red alert’. Thoughts, feelings and behaviour are affected.