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Workplace or Personal Stress Affects Health

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Employee Health and Wellbeing
The Personal Health and Wellbeing of your Employees can affect the Business Health of your Company or Organisation. By offering support to your employee when they need it, you are investing not only in the health of your employee, but also in the health of your business.

Employees – a Valuable Asset
Employees are a valuable asset to your business and play a vital role in assisting you in developing your business.  Offering support to your employees when they are facing a difficult time in their life, whether work related or from their personal life, can do much to safeguard your business from the mental health problems associated with common issues of stress, anxiety, depression, etc.
which can negatively affect job performance. eg

1.  Poor concentration
2.  Low energy levels
3. Emotionally sensitive e.g. quick to anger, withdrawn, tearful, disorganised, etc. which can affect relationships at work and with  clients.

4.  Feeling overwhelmed
5.  Struggling to cope with their duties and responsibilities

Potential Damage To Your Reputation
Decreased employee motivation and poor performance on the job has the potential to jeopardise the quality of a manufactured product or erode quality of service to your clients and customers; business relationships can be significantly affected.  Inquire Now about my Counselling and Hypnotherapy Employee Support Service.

Benefits of an Employee Support Service
An Employee Support Service can help your employee cope with their current stress and anxiety or deal with any depression. Improved health and well being of Employees can lead to less sick days and increased productivity for your business. This in turn will reduce your costs and can improve profitability of your business.

Local Counselling and Hypnotherapy Service
My Counselling and Hypnotherapy Private Practice is conveniently located in Ocean Reef, less that ten minutes from Joondalup centre. I am a Qualified and Registered Therapist with academic qualifications in: Psychology, Human Resource Management, Family and Marital Therapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy. I am also an accredited Weight Loss Specialist and Masterclass Quit Smoking Specialist.  Inquire Now about my Counselling and Hypnotherapy Employee Support Service.

Common Issues That Counselling and | or Hypnotherapy Can Help With:
Stress,  Anxiety,  Depression,  Anger, Insomnia, Confidence, Self Esteem, Assertiveness, Motivation, Personal, Relationship and Family Problems
Communication skills to improve relationships with Business Colleagues, Clients and Customers. Also Help to Quit Smoking, Lose Weight and Overcome Alcohol Abuse Issues.

The Personal Health of your Employee can affect the Business Health of your Company or Organisation

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