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Counselling and Hypnotherapy – Common Problems

The following listing details just some of the many problems that counselling or hypnosis | hypnotherapy can help with.  My consulting room is conveniently located in Ocean Reef, Nr Joondalup and parking is available.   Inquire Now For More Information on Counselling or Hypnotherapy or phone Elaine Walker on 9300 6026 and I will speak with you personally.

Abuse | Domestic Violence
Abuse can be verbal, physical, sexual, psychological, emotional or financial and can be experienced at work (a boss, colleague, customer); at home (often called domestic violence), social (friend, acquaintance extended family member, neighbour, etc. Learn More about Abuse |  Domestic Violence

A habit can be related to more than drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes or overeating, habits can be related to computer games, online gambling, social media, nail biting, hair pulling, swearing, anything that is now considered out of control or unwanted..
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Addiction comes in many forms and can seriously affect our lifestyle and health. Smoking, alcohol, illicit drugs, gambling, even shopping and food intake can develop into an addiction.
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Anger Management
Angry outbursts can affect your own health and be frightening to others. Uncontrolled anger can quickly develop into aggressive behaviour and become dangerous to self and to others – urgent attention is needed.
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Childhood Issues
Childhood development is influenced by experiences at school, at home with family or social situations. Children are particularly vulnerable to abuse by parents or others eg verbal, physical, emotional, psychological, or sexual.
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Depression can be mild, moderate or severe and professional help is often needed. Feeling sad, lonely, miserable and little/no interest in life are common symptoms.  If symptoms last for more than a few weeks, seek help immediately.
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Divorce and Separation
Relationship conflict can continue long after a couple separate and divorce, particularly if there are children. Co-parenting counselling or personal therapy can often help. Recovering from a relationship breakdown can be stresssful and many people suffer feelings of hurt, rejection and even depression.
Counselling or Hypnotherapy Can Help

Anxiety Fears and Phobias
Common anxiety related problems are flying, driving,  medical or dental appointments, or seeing a dog, bird, insect, mouse, etc. Counselling, or Hypnosis | Hypnotherapy can be of immense benefit in helping you overcome anxiety, fears and phobias.
Say Goodbye to Anxiety, Fears and Phobias

Grief and Loss
Grief is generally related to the death of a person, family pet or bird but can also refer to a deep sorrow or sadness caused by many everyday events involving loss, suffering or disappointment, eg separation, divorce, unemployment, sickness/illness that affects quality of life, even homesickness.
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Pain Management
Acute pain and chronic pain can affect sleep, increase stress|anxiety levels and contribute to depression, relationships at work, home or socially may suffer and affect general Quality of Life. A Chronic Pain Management Programme can be a valuable support to any medical treatment. Improve Quality of Life  With A Pain Management Programme

Parent | Teen Conflict
Parent | teenager conflict can affect all relationships within the home including siblings. and general family life can suffer increased stress and anxiety.   Parents can strengthen personal coping skills and build confidence in their conflict management abilities with Counselling.
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Parenting Issues
Parenting can be difficult at times in any family life.  Co-parenting following separation or divorce can become a ‘minefield’ of potential problems – many couples struggle and their relationship suffers. Children can be affected.. Parenting and Co-Parenting Counselling Available – Inquire Now

Quit Smoking
Hypnosis can help you quit smoking. Hypnotherapy can help you stop smoking for life. Your health is important. Your smoking habit / addiction can rob you of your health.  Act now to quit smoking and live a healthy lifestyle.
Quit Smoking With Hypnosis

Relationship Problems
Conflict within a relationship can be helped with couple therapy (also known as relationship counselling) and ongoing conflict can often be avoided.  When a couple have arguments which are not resolved, the health of the relationship suffers,
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Self Confidence & Self Esteem
Lack of  confidence and low self esteem can spoil a person’s dream of achieving some goal in their life or simply feeling comfortable speaking in public to someone they don’t know.  Self Confidence and Self Esteem can open the door to a brighter, more satisfying Life.
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Sleep Problems (Insomnia)
Difficulty ‘switching the mind off’ is often blamed by sufferers for their inability to get restful sleep.  Acute and Chronic Pain can also causing sleeping problems. Chronic Insomnia can affect general health, ability to undertake normal work duties and affect relationships.
Improve Sleeping With Hypnosis

Stress | Anxiety
Stress and Anxiety can often lead to anger and cause uncontrollable angry outbursts or even a withdrawal from a relationship with friends, family, or work colleagues. Marital Relationships can suffer and Parent Child Relations can become strained. Counselling or Hypnotherapy can help.
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‘Virtual’ Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Weight Loss Programme
Lose weight without surgery or drugs.  The ‘Virtual’ Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Weight Loss Programme is a new approach to weight loss and has had considerable success worldwide. Hypnotherapy can help you lose weight.
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Weight Problems
Becoming overweight can lead to obesity and serious health problems.  Losing weight  and maintaining a healthy weight for your shape and size is important for general health. Hypnotherapy is effective for many people in helping them with their eating habits.
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