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How Safe is Caffeine?

I recently came across an interesting WA Government Health Dept. fact sheet in my library of information which is dated December 1988. There were concerns about the long term effects of caffeine when taken in excessive amounts and it was clearly written that “were the drug to be introduced today (meaning 1988), it would be available only on prescription.” That’s a strong, bold statement.

Anger Management

Anger is a Powerful Emotion Have you ever witnessed someone ‘lose it’; ‘chuck a wobbly’; ‘spit the dummy’? Perhaps you have your own favourite phrase to describe an angry response but the Australian term: ‘she/ he spat the dummy’ says it all!

Health Matters

Lifestyle changes are often on people’s lips of what they want to change, but generally speaking, after 3-4 weeks many people give up and feel disillusioned, stuck in the “I can’t do this’ mould. But success can be yours.