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EW Counselling & Hypnotherapy, Joondalup | Ocean Reef | Perth, WA

You Can Change Your Life for the Better. I am a Qualified and Registered Therapist | Counsellor and Clinical Hypnotherapist. My Counselling and Hypnotherapy Service can help you with Personal, Relationship, Family and Work Related issues. Inquire about my Specialised Programmes on Couples Counselling, Quit Smoking and Lose Weight. Please call me to discuss your personal needs. Elaine Walker, 9300 6026. I will help you Change Your Life for the Better.

Top 7 Benefits of Hypnotherapy

  • 1.Helps you to use the power of your own mind.
  • 2.Shorter time frame than conventional therapy.
  • 3.Helps physical, psychological and emotional problems.
  • 4.Effective in overcoming habits and learned behaviours.
  • 5.Powerful for weight loss and quit smoking.
  • 6.Builds confidence and raises self esteem.
  • 7.Improves Health and Wellbeing.

EW THERAPY offers COUNSELLING AND HYPNOTHERAPY for Personal, Relationship, Family and Work Related issues. An EMPLOYEE SUPPORT SERVICE is also available for Small Businesses and larger Companies and Organisations. Read more about my qualifications and experience on my 'About Me' page and feel reassured about my level of competence. EW Therapy is about change and by that I mean working with you in whatever way you need to help your life to become different.

Whatever changes you want to make to your Life, help is just one phone call away.Take the First Step to Open the Door to a Brighter Future.